Surf Fishing At Ocean City New Jersey #LBI

The bait that we applied was blood worms and squid

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  1. Gav Goes Fishing

    Nice vid!

  2. fishy dubs fishing

    do those little ones bite, im going soon for shark here,im in the shark zone ,here more people get bit then anywere

  3. Bass & Bullets

    How long were you fishing?

  4. Bass & Bullets

    How many fish did you catch the night before?

  5. I am the Drummer

    Really I didn't know that there is a sunset in the morning

  6. scott adams

    Good to see a young kid enjoying the outdoors. You cast very well props to your father or whoever taught you. Good luck.

  7. Joseph D Molen


  8. joanna demalta

    Me and my dad went fishing i think we used claims and we caught a sting ray we were at ocean city nj

  9. Patrick Gray

    Awesome vid, what size rod do you need to get it far enough out to catch something?

  10. Nathan Serrano

    May the lord Jesus christ bless you all repent and be baptized the end is here Jesus loves you all heaven and hell is real amen

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