Shark Fishing from the Jersey Shore in August 2018
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  1. Sumi

    Where at? Also what size spinning reel could land some small sharks and still be able to use in the surf for stripers. I can only afford one saltwater setup and was thinking about a 8k or 10k saragosa or a 6500 slammer 3

  2. NJFish1123

    What kind of kayak is that?

  3. killerkx

    nice video keep it up!!!

  4. Saltwater Angler

    beach replenishment had the shark bite sucking in northern ocean county last year

  5. Jonathan Brook

    what is the left hand conventional reel called? I have looked everywhere for one but cant find one

  6. Christopher Viverito

    Is it better to shark fish Jersey at high or low tide? Or just sunset regardless?

  7. Anthony DiLorenzo

    What rod and reels dd you use?

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