Surf Fishing on LBI 05-08-18 #LBI

Catching Blues & Stripers working with bait & plugs on Could, 8th 2018

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  1. Aaron E Long

    Where is this?

  2. Nate R

    what bait where you using?

  3. Louis DiFusco

    How do you get to these surf fishing fields?

  4. Marko Rasic

    Who is this MORON

  5. Sid_1026

    What’s your rod and reel setup in this video?

  6. CreativeYetCrazy

    I got a place right in beach haven west. Where can I get more information about legal fish and their legal sizes during the summer season? I really want to get more into fishing down there this year!

  7. Gavin Noname

    Is he using buncker

  8. Snake Plissken

    Long Beach Island fishing club are the biggest whiny crybaby losers. John Sylvester and his brother Tom are such crybabies. They spend more time talking about fishing.

  9. Connors RC Adventures

    He says that he will be fine but they are fighting for their life to get back to the water

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