Symphony Of The Seas in dry dock – The largest cruise ship in the world #LBI

Symphony Of The Seas, the most important cruise ship in the environment
In dry dock with STX France & RCL – STN Teams, le plus grand paquebot du monde, avant son départ en cale sèche by drone / The biggest boat in the planet
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  1. Michel Jenson

    I think "Wonder of the Seas" , just completed in the same shipyard has this beaten.

  2. ScarabChris

    Makes the Titanic look like a yacht. The bow thruster props on this are almost as big as the main propellers on the Titanic.

  3. ScarabChris

    LOL…The water dumping from the side of the ship in dry dock, that means they got the AC cranking inside the ship. They must have a large hose hooked to the intake side to supply the water while the ship is not floating.

  4. Michael Fisher

    It is a pretty amazing piece of machinery….but its ugly as hell. Nothing but a floating hotel. And yes, form follows function, its a cruise ship, not a liner, I get it. Still. Butt….ugly.

  5. p53k

    Seriously, why don't they build nuclear cruise ships? Giantic CO2 savings… And I doubt a reactor (and it's disposal) exeeds the costs of millions of tons of diesel in a cruise ships lifetime. And it also can't be radiation safety – a Nimitz class has 6.000 crew – and they all are safe. I wouldn't hesitate and travel on one. There are people living near nuclear powerplants too, so why bother beeing near a reactor for 1-2 weeks?

  6. Bob S

    The props are tiny for such a big ship. Bet it's a snail. Either way, impressive

  7. Sad Steven A Smith

    0:25 what are those

  8. Tormod I

    Wonder what the practical purpose of that giant protection over the four front thrusters are? Whales?

  9. پارسا منصوری بنی

    به به

  10. Mon Mak

    Титаник доплавался…

  11. Bald Eagle

    What an ugly ship.

  12. Juggernaut /

    I cant imagine how a ship factory would look like.

  13. hoedemakerbart

    Big but not beautiful and elegant like the old liners

  14. Daniel Müller

    Modern ships are ugly as hell

  15. Josh Wright

    I just want to let you all know i searched for this video and because of that i'm automatically better than all of you at everything.

  16. Luke Mckenzie


  17. William Kline

    Those mooring propellers are gigantic

  18. 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Imagine how big it is to ants or other tiny things 0.0

  19. danilo holly

    I have worked here for over a year as activities host ))bye Symphony..hope you will able to sail soon

  20. Ravens Clan

    it weighs more than 10 tons

  21. Nirotix

    I find it interesting, you would have to have calculations, very accurate one's, to support the ship's weight properly in dry dock.

    As in, calculations of weight, hieght of suppprts and exact places to put supports to bare all that weight.

  22. Tomek Tomek

    Najważniejszych nie ma oni robią wszystko a nie Ci co tylko program zrobić.

  23. Mike Adams

    I've delivered chicken to that ship a couple of times.

  24. Michael Lam

    There's only a small portion below the water. Most of the ship is above water. It looks top heavy. Could it flip over like the Poseidon adventure?

  25. Cathay Pacific CX615.

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  26. syedkashif mohiuddin

    Just imagine how much tons and tons of iron being used

  27. leetwiz

    What is the title of the background music? Thank you

  28. leetwiz

    Its amazing how can we as human being can achieve great lenghts. Imagine if we can muster our strenghts and resources together we can able to built something bigger but not limited to the land, air and sea but also in vast space.

  29. Murshed Alharby

    humans can build ships this big but still suck at relationships

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