Tagging Brown Sharks With Dunton Labs – Long Beach Island NJ

Monmouth University’s Keith Dunton and Student Lauren jump aboard Fish Head Charters with Captain Greg Cudnik to tag Brown Sharks in Barnegat Bay – Catch & Release Brown Sharks

The bayside waters of Long Beach Island are a summer home to sharks species like Sand Bar Sharks aka Brown Sharks & Sand Tiger Sharks among other. While their presence has been well known for many years, not much is know about them. Keith with Dunton Labs sets out to learn more about these apex predators.

Finding and catching these fish with rod and reel. Once onboard tools are ready. Keith quickly records data like length and sex. Then implants an acoustic transmitter and a spaghetti style external string tag. When the sharks travel the acoustic transmitter will ping just like an “EZ Pass” at the numerous acoustic receivers set up on buoys up and down the eastern seaboard. Lasting about 10 years, the data from these devices will provide valuable information about the sharks migration.

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