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Gail Travers
November 25, 2020

To the Editor:
At last, the election is over and we have a new president – but not according to Donald Trump. He and some in his administration continue to make false accusations about fraud and unlawful ballots. A short while ago on CNN it confirmed what appeared to be a ballot box staying stuffed with unlawful ballots being applied it was a Russian photograph. Once again, Russian interference.
Once again Trump and his administration did not communicate out and why? What do they have on Trump? Is our national security in danger? He proceeds to show his genuine colors of being a grudge holder and vindictive. That can and will set America in fantastic threat. Even a high-rating GOP member acknowledged that “Trump is harmful and an shame to America and the GOP.”
Trump carries on to blame other individuals, unfold lies and anxiety, will not consider accountability by his possess words, and will not experience actuality and reality. Could it be he does not walk in the light or real truth? However there are even now several who would comply with him as he will take them, and America, out of the mild and down dark streets they should really not go. Idolatry?
On the road, in Congress, in the State Section, in the Supreme Court docket, it is time to just take off the blinders and halt playing bash-to start with politics. That is a hazard to our democracy and freedoms. It is time to stop striving to protect and justify Trump’s actions, his text and deeds. It is time to restore the greatness that The us was and can be yet again. It is time to appear collectively and be “one country underneath God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!”
We will have to have a president and administration that has a eyesight for America, that serves and not be self-serving, that will get accountability. Very little significantly less or else there can be no rely on and corruption will keep on to rise. Our democracy and the quite soul of our country is at possibility.
Ken Schorr

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