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Gail Travers
January 28, 2022

To the Editor:
To continue on the communication amongst the township committee and people, the Barnegat Township Committee has requested me to choose on the function of committee liaison to public relations. Thus, I will submit letters to the Barnegat Chief regular to retain you educated.
Let us talk trash. Lately the township had to go out for a new trash and recycle deal after the five-yr agreement finished. Township Administrator Martin Lisella, CFO Thomas Lombarski and I opened the bids and saw an improve of over $1.3 million in the one and only bid acquired. No robo-can bids had been been given. We all searched our phones for our cardiologists.
Then we went to perform and searched for any route to stay away from a $200,000 increase to our citizens. The bidder then presented that if we/he could alter the recycle agenda we could delay the maximize and stay away from a huge strike on our budget.
Your committee is constantly wanting for strategies to hold us No. 1 and hold the expense of getting No. 1 managed.
Al Bille, committeeman
Barnegat Township Committee

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