Tautog Fishing at Barnegat Inlet 12-2-17 #LBI

My very first ever test at Tautog Fishing! I went to Barnegat Inlet and experienced some achievements. I explain my rig, deal with, and strategies.

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  1. John Hu

    hi. manly. i was actually there on 12/3 too with my dad. i notice that it is extremely slippery toward the end of the jetty. i want to get a over the show cleat for my dad. have any recommendation ?

  2. Brandywine Angler

    It was really slippery! I had LLBean wading boots on and had pull on cleats over them and even that was still a bit slippery. I would suggest you check out http://www.hatchmag.com/blog/tip-stop-grossly-overpaying-wading-boot-studs/771153 for one option. An inexpensive pair of pull on boot studs might also work. I have some Korkers Ultra Ice Cleats that I purchased for nearly nothing at my local Marshalls. Looks like they can be had online for around $25.

  3. Pete Mortimer

    You should use a longer section of mono at the end of your line. Like 3-6 feet of mono. The braid can get cut off really easy when a fish brings you into the rocks

  4. Aaron's Fishing Show

    Setting the hook on a tog is the toughest thing to do. For recommendations, let the tog hit a few times before setting the hook, usually the first two nibbles are them crushing the crab. Then you will feel that "hit" and you will know

  5. tweekbomb

    You may want to say in every video what state you are in. New Jersey, Rhode Island, NY??

  6. papadukes523

    I like how short your leaders are, with the sinker above the weight. It better to feel the fish first. They steal enough bait.

  7. samdon815

    Much better from a boat.

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