Ted Hammock & The Pickles

On Tap

Monique M. Demopoulos
August 10, 2020
By Monique M. Demopoulos

Ted Hammock and The Pickles at the Sea Shell. (Equipped image)
Home Foundation: LBI location
Design and style: A tiny taste of all the classics, just pickled.
LINEUP: Boose Rutledge, guide vocals and guitar Todd Raupp, bass Charlie Berezansky, drums exclusive visitor Ted Hammock, guitar and vocals.
NOTEWORTHY: With Ted Hammock in the lineup, the team will become “The Tickles,” for an added layer of leisure.
TWO’S Choose: Whatsoever tickles you: Ted Hammock and the Pickles are longtime LBI staples, recognized for their upbeat, group-pleasing addresses!
Examine OUT: thepicklesnation.com
BE THE Choose: Fridays from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Sea Shell Vacation resort and Beach Club.  —M.M.D.

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