The Interuppters (Entire Set) @ Surf City Blitz 2018 Day 2 #LBI

Surf Metropolis Blitz 2018 Day 2 – The Interuppters (Complete Set)

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  1. JJ

    Aimee is such a beauty

  2. Dave Schwartz

    This screams brass.

  3. David Love

    this band is so bad ass im so sad they dont have a show close to my area…guess im driving 600miles lol

  4. Scrappy CoCo

    This band fucking sucks . Copy cats. Boss tones and rancid should sue for copy right infringement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Scrappy CoCo

    I went to this concert. I want my money back

  6. Scrappy CoCo

    Everyone in the front with cameras from Scandinavia ???

  7. Scrappy CoCo

    The stray cats are at home pissed .

  8. g man tramp

    I found a female ska singer who actually does it better than Amy Winehouse RIP

  9. Poopie Bandit

    gotta push all those photographers out of the way in the front row and start and PIT!!!!

  10. Jeremy Washington

    my top 3 bands:
    Hepcat (have yet to see them!)

    they pick it up and keep it goin' for us all. love em to death.

  11. chip tmcc

    All the songs sound the same and that drummer is boring.

  12. Jason Sierchio

    I thought this was in Surf City NJ… I was like when and where did they play there

  13. Matthew Smith

    One of my favorite bands right now! her delivery sounds a lot like Tim though. Shes a lot like a mini Rancid. Still a great show. I just hear a lot of Tim. I love this band,

  14. Andika Pratama

    Asia tour please.

  15. Andy Clark

    I grow up with the British 2 tone movement Fusion the energy of Punk with ska…

  16. writeheiney

    This show is sick!!!

  17. Mike Lopez

    I was there

  18. NikiMadridista

    That Camera man's ass ruined the footage…
    Killer Band!
    Come play England some day..

  19. Diversion Sonora

    What an amazing stage, band, festival, crowd, day.

  20. Philly #1 Coffee Snob

    Who knew bands still did ska?

  21. Martin S

    anyone noticed tre cool at the other side of the stage ?

  22. Riki Martin

    El publico se mueve menos que mi abuela. En Argentina hacemos pogo enserio

  23. Riki Martin

    Si vienen a Argentina se les vuela el cerebro

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