The Jetty – Barnegat Lighthouse #LBI

Just fishing for flounder at the jetty in Barnegat Mild. Little idea if you are fishing jigs in the rocks you greater carry a couple of. See down below for gear and teaser online video.

Spearing/Bunker How To Teaser Tying Online video

Simms wading boots (my design has changed but these are in all probability the closest match Simms are the greatest!!!)-

Orvis Posi Grip screw in studs

St Croix Triumph Medium Electrical power Casting Rod

Quantum Casting Reels (Pt Catalyst)

P Line Fluoro Distinct 20 lb examination

Music by: Elsewhere remix of : Redbone “Arrive and Get Your Love” featured in Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack

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  1. Robert A. K

    Dude, same thing has happened to me with fluke off jetty’s. Lose em in the rocks. You have much more patience with bystanders than me! Overall looks like you had a good day, and great attitude! Nice channel. I live in Ambler btw.

  2. Robert Smigielski

    Looks like a great day end to end out on the rocks! Memories made!

  3. slamming jack

    18" wow! where were you fishing? Here in Florida, they just this year when from 12" to 14"

  4. WissahickonWild

    FYI someone asked if this is Cape May and I couldnt find the comment to reply to. It's not Cape May, the lighthouse in cape may is 95 percent white and only the very top is red.

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