The Whale at Long Beach Island #LBI

this is a online video of a real are living whale. it truly is was realy shut to our seaside house. it’s the to start with time ever that we observed a whale there, we only see dolphins. and sorry about the shakiness it was on 20 time zoom and I did not have a tripod. I do not know what variety of whale it is but if you imagine you know you should explain to me

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  1. Ian Grant

    wow, amazing, good catch on video zach

  2. ZMBproductions

    we are on brant beach. also what do you mean

  3. ZMBproductions

    really! how can you tell.

  4. Justin Zola

    i see dolphins at lbi all the time ivenever szeen a whale!

  5. Jack Carpenter

    i dont think thats a whale

  6. ZMBproductions

    thanks alot for the info.

  7. Sideler74

    I've been going to LBI since I was a kid (I'm 33) I've seen plenty of dolphins, & that's not a dolphin.

  8. ZMBproductions

    hey can you at least say somthing nice

  9. ZMBproductions

    i Wish could get a better video. one that i hold steady but i did not see a whale this summer.

  10. John Francis

    haha, that little kid in the backround and the sound of the waves are priceless

  11. Redsummr08

    is the camera person having a seizure?

  12. JackieBananaz

    i was there when this happened we own a house in lbi

  13. Kiah .H

    next time plz hold camera STEADY

  14. SeabassaHOYYY

    why do they always give the person with parkinsons the camera?

  15. Jake Soojian

    At least the cameras steady.

  16. birdistheword27

    The camera is like cloverfield

  17. Michael Gross

    Very cool to see

  18. Unwind

    You're terrible at filming

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