Township Misusing M&M Steam Bar Property


Gail Travers
Could 19, 2021

To the Editor:
Why is Extensive Seashore Township attempting to obtain the previous M&M Steam Bar, a feasible, taxpaying business property, so the city can convert it into pickleball courts? If we require much more pickleball courts in the township, there are other less highly-priced alternate options.
1 of these is to add pickleball lines to the present tennis courts at the Acme. This is performed in other communities and permits the use of the exact same courts for either game and expenses practically very little.
Why is it so urgent that the township is eager to condemn the house, consider the property rights absent from the recent proprietor, and pay out leading greenback for this property? Cannot we wait and perhaps hold a general public meeting and ask the taxpayers what they imagine?
The assets will possibly price tag all over $2 million. Then there is the expense of demolition and development of the pickleball courts. We will eternally shed the yearly assets tax from that property, which, if entirely formulated, would be close to $30,000 for each calendar year. All of these fees will be divided up and added to all people else’s home tax expenditures.
This is not the occupation of community governing administration. It doesn’t make sense.
Jim Cunningham
Seashore Haven Crest

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