‘Tracking the Elusive and Enigmatic Clinging Jellyfish’ at Nov. 21 Science Saturday


Juliet Kaszas-Hoch
November 16, 2020
By Juliet Kaszas-Hoch

Join Department of Environmental Protection analysis scientist Joseph Bilinski as he discusses “Tracking the Elusive and Enigmatic Clinging Jellyfish in New Jersey Waters” for the Long Seaside Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences’ Nov. 21 Science Saturday presentation. All LBIF weekly lectures are on the net this fall, and run from 11 a.m. to 12 midday.
As the Basis clarifies, “The latest discovery of the clinging jellyfish in coastal New Jersey estuaries poses a prospective basic safety worry to the community through usual, recreational utilizes of these waterways. It also highlights the vulnerability of our coastal waters to the institution of nonnative wildlife.”
The species – Gonionemus vertens – is a smaller hydrozoan indigenous to the northern Pacific Ocean. “From their present-day distribution,” claims the LBIF, “clinging jellyfish can perhaps invade other waterbodies alongside N.J.’s coast considering that ideal habitat and translocation vectors are plentiful.
“Given that boating action is suspected as a important vector in the distribute of this species, clinging jellyfish may perhaps soon become proven in coastal embayments all through the state.”
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This and all other Science Saturday lectures are totally free for Basis members and good friends (make contact with LBIF for the totally free admission promo code) or $5 for other attendees. Register at lbifoundation.org/science/science-saturdays-3.
For supplemental info, call 609-494-1241 or take a look at lbifoundation.org.  —J.K.-H.

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