Turncoat Leader

To the Editor:
It is documented that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is delighted with the Household of Representative’s thrust to impeach President Donald Trump, believing it will be simpler to purge him from the Republican Social gathering. Where does Sen. McConnell get off making these types of a turncoat assertion and forgetting the quite a few advantageous variations in file months, allow on your own a single expression.
McConnell’s assert is disgusting, as he has prejudged our president right before true information are determined. From what was witnessed at the Capitol, there was a group wearing MAGA hats and shirts who have been caught on camera. Until one can confirm these were, in actuality, authentic supporters alternatively than individuals recognizing how effortless it would have been to disguise and damage such a fantastic motion of the 70 million who assist Donald Trump as president, we have to wait around as a substitute of dashing to judgment.
Maintain on to your wallets as the newly elected President Joe Biden is about to put our country into “reverse.” There will be no position to run, until you want Canada.
Sal Sorce

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