Unidentified Ariel phenomena (UAP) over LBI, NJ #LBI

My loved ones and I witnessed a enormous UFO sighting in July, 2018 while on family vacation in LBI, NJ. It started off out with just one significant ball of mild then whilst I was recording that 2 much more UFOs appeared appropriate beneath the just one. Moved again and forth up and down it was ridiculous!!! Then they disappeared!!! And then 4 additional appeared and just ongoing to blow our minds!!!!! Must SEE!!!!!!!

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  1. Raven Q

    Great catch!

  2. Floater

    Looks like a genuine u-fo

    and im,e sure every one got the on tape bit,,

    good camera work such a change from
    the shake all over the place ,,,,, well dun my man.

  3. Thomas Patchell

    Great catch! I witnessed the same in January. I live in Ireland. This is genuine!

  4. Thomas Patchell

    I have uploaded my short mobile phone film. It lasts for only 10 seconds! It disappeared behind a building out of sight.

  5. Cheryl Yoke

    Could be drones

  6. Renato Shealey


  7. Renato Shealey

    I've seen the Big Dipper move from one side of the sky. These are the fallen and the Big Dipper is their doors

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