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Gail Travers
March 03, 2021

To the Editor:
The discussion pertaining to wind turbines off Prolonged Beach’s Island shores has rarely begun and must not start until finally we, the small business entrepreneurs and home owners, know the facts.
The turbines are ugly, to set it mildly. They will straight impact tourism, which will directly affect each and every business on this Island from dining places to rentals, not to point out what they will do to the fishing sector. Why would vacationers, or any person else for that matter, want to sit by the ocean and see these unnatural projections destroying the attractiveness of our pristine shorelines?
With 140 miles of coastal shore in New Jersey, why set them off Extended Beach front Island? The additional industrial northern aspect of the condition could possibly be a better decision. Absolutely there are other shore towns that are much less residential that would welcome them. Or possibly not.
In accordance to eenews.internet, Block Island mounted five turbines and Mom Mother nature got her revenge. In just just a number of decades, significant-voltage cables started to show up in swimming locations and beaches had to be closed. Is this in our long run?
I sincerely hope the powers that be will give this a fantastic offer of believed and find enter from individuals persons whose businesses and lives will be affected by this and not by a team of politicians.
Helen Fadini
Seaside Haven

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