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Gail Travers
September 16, 2020

To the Editor:
Abundant Ayala’s letter in very last week’s edition (“Harsh Homecoming”) was among the the silliest I have ever browse in The SandPaper. Certainly, no one particular condones the overzealous actions he professional on the Causeway very last weekend. On the other hand, you can’t cite the “division ripping our place apart” and then push as a result of the middle of a Trump parade with a Biden bumper sticker on your car and be stunned when another person disagrees with you.
In addition, evidently everyone who places a Trump flag on their automobile gets to be a “bullying driver” who aggressively operates folks off the road. Who knew? Only in Abundant Ayala’s globe can a couple of guys from Staten Island rousing you entirely eviscerate good thoughts and recollections of an whole location when leading to you to concoct damaging generalizations about anyone with a differing political belief.
Apparently, in a person paragraph he supports everyone’s ideal to an view, but then is offended by the presence of people he disagrees with who are by some means harming his “special put.”
As much as becoming addressed better in South Carolina, does anyone genuinely believe that this man can travel all over the lower region with a “Ridin with Biden” signal and get acknowledged with just smiles and waves? How about if he attempted driving through his native Philadelphia with a Trump sign as a analysis task? I am positive that would go nicely.
Furthermore, the comparison in between LBI and his community around Hilton Head also produced me chuckle. I am certain Mr. Ayala is aware Very long Beach front Island has six unique jurisdictions and up to 100,000 summer time inhabitants, so positioning a moratorium on political indications would not be a simple endeavor. Perhaps he can visit each individual town council conference on the Island and put forth a movement to suppress free speech. Much better nonetheless, why not get a clipboard and walk up and down Extended Seashore Boulevard and sign up people for a Biden boat parade?
It should really be pointed out that Chris Molla’s properly-structured Labor Working day weekend party that is referenced supported regulation enforcement and veterans in addition to the president. Probably when Wealthy comes back next summer months he can quit in Trenton and set a “Murphy for Governor” sticker on his auto and travel by way of a Jack Ciattarelli boat parade to see if everyone’s habits has enhanced.
Scott Boyer

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