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Gail Travers
December 02, 2020

To the Editor:
At the Nov. 24 Stafford Township Council conference an ordinance to repeal the ban on plastic bags was launched. What are they contemplating?
Luckily, New Jersey is already headed in the proper course to tackle the unsustainable observe of getting solitary-use plastic. A statewide ban was passed which will take effect in 2022. Thankfully, Ocean County waste management is by now stepping to the plate to teach and prepare citizens for this favourable transform in our getting routines.
Google National Geographic plastic air pollution to discover much more about the big plastic issue and the role we all perform.
This ordinance is unwise, unneeded, premature and not in the best curiosity of the world. In the meantime, convey your personal bag, use a h2o bottle and say no to straws. Let us function as a team to choose care of our Jersey Shore.
Barbara Reynolds
The author is a member of Stafford Township’s Sustainable Jersey Inexperienced Group.

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