Vancouver Island Long Beach 4k

The last Video of the 2018 Vancouver Island series, with brilliant shots from the Wild Pacific Trail, Long beach and Stotan Falls.
Gopro 6, Gimbal, Gopro Karma drone,
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  1. Rockblog

    Wunderschöne Naturaufnahmen und dazu die Kommentare mit angenehm sonorer Stimme 🙂 Top, Gunter!

  2. RandomTorok

    Awesome videos. You are welcome back anytime. You've only seen half the island.

  3. Chuck List

    Glad you found the magic in the island! We always say that if the zombie apocalypse comes that is the place to be.

  4. Hörman from Görman

    Wunderschöner Film, Gunter, sehr schöne Natur, gewaltige Aufnahmen! Du hast es sehr gut drauf.

  5. Twister

    Hallo Gunter, wirklich sehr professionelles Video, das man sich gerne abspeichert! Großes Lob!

  6. cathy bird

    Thanks for visiting and thank you for using the drone so respectfully

  7. Nancy Bryson

    I live on Vancouver Island in Campbell River and have thoroughly enjoyed your videos of the places I call home. You need to return to see many more parts and surprises you haven't seen yet!

  8. Bazlur Rahman

    Thanks for visiting our Province. Your videos are great and watched 4 parts of this tour. We want to preserve our province as green as possible, but our corrupt govt brought huge numbers of people from some countries and damaged and destroyed many things and made the cities unaffordable to live for us people. I especially love here to fishing salmon, steelhead and trouts with fishing rods and I visited many beautiful places in our province. Once I had the opportunity to see whales while I was going to Vancouver Islands by Ferry.

  9. Rose Marie

    Loved all four videos and it has made me even more determined to visit. I would love to emigrate there, but for now I have to stay put in Portugal.

  10. nabil libre

    is fine to swim there?

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