Views of Long Beach Island New Jersey

From – Photos and videos of Long Beach Island New Jersey including: Barnegat Light, Barnegat Inlet, Beach Haven, Bed and Breakfasts, Boating, Dining and more.

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  1. Ian Grant

    oh yeah man Custard Hut. I love when i first see the sign for it. LBI is paradise, id choose it over any spot in the world any day. Beach haven local here

  2. TVstudio

    Vacation there every summer.

  3. deeznootz

    Beuller? Beuller?

  4. Patrick Crisfulla

    Dude, very boring commentary; falling asleep. Hope my tax dollars aren't paying for this exciting tourism presentation
    -Beach Haven Terrace resident.

  5. Tanner Price

    I go there every summer….i like Beach haven area

  6. skatingiguanas

    28 days until i go to lbi!!

  7. gerbman2004

    could you be any more boring with your voice, holy crap thats soooo emotionless


    to me its by far its the best place in the world!!

  9. Rocoto369

    yeah yeah…the natives same the same thing meany years ago blah blah blah

  10. Magicrazy1

    I made this video showing the whole island. Check it out!


  11. depeche609

    stay out bennys..go to coney island

  12. shaolin1derpalm

    I am ganna have to disagree unless you physically mean right now. I visited there in the summer and smelled nothing at all but clean odourless air. Much like the beaches in Varadero, Cuba. And of course it would be nothing without the tourists. either would, oh i don't know… Florida, Hawaii, etc. I found it surprisingly beautiful and nothing like the stereotypical rundown industrial watseland that is usually portrayed.

  13. alexmonkey12

    you guys r mean lets all be nice please!

  14. Amanda Vanderoef

    I live in New York and own/vacation in LBI (Beach Haven). I have been going every summer for over 30 years. I leave my NY attitude when I cross the line into New Jersey (about 200miles before LBI). Everyone has a right to be there. Maybe some of the year rounders need to be reminded that unless they moved there over 50 years ago, they knew that they were living in a tourist location, and if that was not what they wanted then they should have bought their homes somewhere off the map.

  15. cutesymeg

    @pokened yes

  16. cutesymeg

    @Lukeandree2505 if you are going to try and insult someone or something get your facts right
    none of the natives are pompous snobs, no one complains about rising illegal immigrants on the island, the island is NOT constantly backed up in it's sewers, and you do not smell sulfer and bleach

  17. njmikec

    could you speak less boring about tubing, boating, crabbing and any other water-related activity.

  18. adetuyi420

    this guys voice just kills the nice chillin music wtf man.

  19. abe snorkel


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