Weather Service Confirms F2 Tornado Hit High Bar Harbor


Gail Travers
July 30, 2021
By Eric Englund

The Nationwide Climate Services verified an F2 tornado with peak winds at 115 mph hit Substantial Bar Harbor on July 29.
The similar climate program was dependable for an F1 tornado with winds up to 105 mph in Barnegat Township, in a wooded area on Route 72 between Routes 532 and 539, the NWS reported.
Mike Borse, NWS meteorologist, reported the technique began in Bucks County, Pa., as an F3 with peak winds at 140 mph. He mentioned the Barnegat tornado turned into a waterspout as it crossed Barnegat Bay, grew to become a tornado all over again in Substantial Bar and then a spout once more in excess of the ocean.  —E.E.

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