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As The Sandpaper prepares to acquire its annual winter’s hiatus, people who regularly study the 200 Moreover record column know it is time to ante up. For over 30 years, a year-conclusion test has tried to bring back reminiscences of past article content, and 2021 will not be any distinct. The structure will be the same, 25 questions and a single bonus.
Right here are a couple of hints to help you get ready. The subjects involve, between other folks, a medal of honor winner, weather transform, shipwrecks, airships and train wrecks … and, of system, Barnegat Lighthouse. Good luck!
Various Option
1. Who of the adhering to did not try to preserve Barnegat Lighthouse from staying washed absent? A. William Fisher B. George R Putnam C. Frank Appleby D. Herbert Hoover E. Lewis Haupt.
2. Born in Barnegat, Dr. Henry Tilton won the medal of honor preserving people engaged in preventing from A. Sitting down Bull B. Crazy Horse C. Chief Joseph D. Tecumseh E. Geronimo.
3. In 1970, United Push International reported on a government study that showed by the 12 months 2020 the U.S. would deal with a important weather crisis brought on by A. the coming of an ice age B. worldwide warming C. nuclear tests D. deforestation E. enhanced volcanic action.
4. In 1921, a statue was introduced to the U.S. Congress to commemorate gals finding the vote. Which girl was not depicted on it? A. Harriet Tubman B. Susan B. Anthony C. Lucretia Mott D. Elizabeth Caddy Stanton.
5. Where was the treaty signed ending Entire world War I concerning the United States and Germany? A. Paris, France B. Washington, D.C. C. Berlin, Germany D. Raritan, N.J. E. New York Metropolis.
6. In 1833,what previous president escaped loss of life when a Camden &Amboy prepare wrecked? A. James Madison B. James Monroe C. Andrew Jackson D. John Quincy Adams.
7. In 1921, a fire threatened to demolish the continues to be of thousands of Planet War I veterans remaining returned to the United States. The fireplace took area at A. New York City B. Baltimore, Md. C. Philadelphia, Pa. D. Hoboken E. Savannah, Ga.
8. Through prohibition a shipload of whiskey was observed buried in the vicinity of A. Barnegat B. Warren Grove C. Penns Grove D. Holgate E. Lakehurst.
9. The wreck of the ship Francis is remembered for its cargo, which was A. crude oil B. gold and silver cash C. barrels of wine D. china E. silk.
10. Dr. Henry Tilton of Barnegat addressed which Western hero all through his remaining hours? A. Daniel Boone B. Buffalo Monthly bill C. Zebulon Pike D. Jim Bridger E. Package Carson.
Match the item with its proper description. There will be a person unused.
11. Carried the bodies of the U.S. crew users who died in a 1921 airship catastrophe back again to the United States.
12. Was to be assembled at the new giant Lakehurst hangar.
13. The to start with locomotive to run in New Jersey.
14. Burned to the h2o line south of Beach front Haven.
15. Ran aground off Barnegat Gentle in 1921.
16. The ship Francis
17. John Bull
18. ZR-1
19. HMS Dauntless
20. SS Leviathan
21. SS Caddo
22. Most Ocean County inhabitants supported the closing of the chemical weapons testing facility recognized as Camp Kendrick.
23. President Warren G. Harding visited Barnegat Lighthouse to demonstrate his aid for saving it.
24. In June 1974, Time Magazine announced to the globe that it was entering into a new ice age.
25. In August 1921, the huge hangar at Lakehurst was concluded and awaiting the arrival of the ZR-2.
26. New Jersey’s first steam locomotive is nonetheless on display screen at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.
27. The 1855 train wreck on the Camden & Amboy Railroad was induced when the coach hit two horses pulling a wagon near Burlington, N.J.
28. In 1921 following accepting a statue honoring women of all ages suffragettes, Congress positioned it in the basement, out of sight of the community.
29. The New Jersey Legislature granted the Camden & Amboy Railroad a monopoly on connecting Philadelphia and New York Town by rail, in return for gathering a 5-cent per passenger tax.
30. The explosion at a Penns Grove salvage corporation in 1921 introduced shells to land as considerably absent as Delaware.
31. Immediately after main the combat for passage of the women’s suffrage modification, Alice Paul returned to New Jersey and was elected to the point out legislature.
Reward Dilemma
Prior to the ZR-2 was turned above to the U.S. Navy, it exploded, killing most of those on board. At the time it even now had a British designation. What was it?
The answers will appear in the subsequent edition, on Jan. 12. Delight in the vacations!

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