Whale Rescued After Becoming Entangled Off Jones Beach

A humpback whale was rescued off the coast of Jones Beach after becoming entangled in a large amount of fishing gear.

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  1. Buttafly 2014

    Sharks, whales, bears o my

  2. Charlie D Surf

    This just in : Giant Space probe threatens Earth.

  3. Mayur Patel

    Haha entangled. Way to make fun of Will Smith.

  4. googo151

    Entangled, in "A" large amount!

  5. Jeremiah

    I told you to
    cut your sixpack rings up with scissors, now look what happened

  6. J S S

    Whale Smith

  7. Anne Lane

    Bless his heart! Gentle giant!

  8. Niqe Patel


  9. Amauris’ Wax World


  10. sai76

    If the whale got entangled in Japan, it would have been eaten already.

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