Whale Stranding 10 Dead Pilot Whales 45 Dolphins Beached Emaciated Humpback Whales Bird Die Off

Lots of dead whales and marine mammals to report on , Fukushima nuclear fallout is killing our planet and the nuclear industry is still viciously remorselessly and criminally downplaying every facet of 4 nuclear meltdowns .

Ten beached pilot whales die in East Nusa Tenggara

Five pilot whales stranded on shore of Scottish island ff the coast of Lochboisdale in South Uist, Outer Hebrides.

45 dolphins stranded in Wellfleet

Humpback whale Deaths on Increase off Northeast Coastline

Whale airway mucus reveals likely poor health during migration

Sperm whale stranded close to shore of Moray Firth
The injured animal was spotted just off Ardersier near Inverness on Tuesday.

Killer Whale J35 Who Her Carried Her Dead Baby Orca for 17 Days and 1100 miles Is Pregnant Once Again

Bryde’s whale carcass washed up on Long Beach in Kommetjie City of Cape Town

BELUGA WHALE SANCTUARY UPDATE: Little Grey and Little White arrive safely after move to bay care area

Warming waters may be a bigger problem for the world’s fish species than scientists first thought.

Cause of common carp kill on Lake Winnipeg remains a mystery

New Disease casts further doubt on the future of Atlantic salmon , mystery bleeding and ulceration on the underbelly and near the mouth which has baffled scientists . symptoms were first spotted in Norway, Ireland , Scotland and Baltic waters last year.

Refuge Notebook: What happened when the ocean warmed lol

NOAA Whale beached in Ocean Shores died from blunt force trauma The 30 foot long (9 meters) juvenile whale was in “good nutritional condition,” hahaha

A woman killed in an apparent shark attack off the coast of Bailey Island, Maine, the first such death on record in the north-eastern US state

A new study by NOAA LOL finds that Marine Heatwaves Can Scatter Ocean Wildlife More Than a Thousand Miles

Researchers Warn A Warming Ocean Threatens Giant Kelp Forests

Tropical Storm Isaias spreads dead zones in Severn River, killing thousands of fish is nonsense

Lights off! German draft law in aid of insects , Germany is planning to ban floodlights from dusk for much of the year as part of its bid to fight a dramatic decline in insect populations

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has awarded nearly $200,000 in Prescott Grants to a pair of Maine institutions.

Marine heatwaves are forcing sea turtles, whales and other wildlife to relocate thousands of miles away from their natural habitats, fake study claims
( warning link is to dailymail )

Navy to proceed with Marianas training plan

Stranding of turtles alarms National Museum

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