Who Are the Biggest Victims? We the People

To the Editor:
The Jan. 26 challenge of The SandPaper showcased a commentary about the victimization of truth of the matter and proposed applying truth as a “new commencing point” and the “common ground” we all will need to transfer forward.
So, what is truth of the matter? The English poet John Keats wrote, “Beauty is fact, truth of the matter attractiveness – that is all/ Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” The Greek philosopher Plato wrote, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Now, if splendor and fact are synonymous and they are adjudged accordingly by beholders, it follows that those whom we count on to report the real truth or splendor to us via the information media have great obligations since just about all of the information and facts we are provided as news is dependent on their exact reportage.
But as we have witnessed on Television set, there are situations when “beholders” on place both fall short to properly explain what is happening or inaccurately describe situations in actual time. As a consequence, lots of specifics the public wants to make rational selections are at risk of probable manipulation via enhancement, abbreviation or alteration to the extent that the close result (what we sooner or later get to see and listen to) falls in the pre-founded and acceptable parameters and/or biases of the business delivering the broadcast.
Real truth or actuality, as very well as normally approved specifics or concepts, can be verified or substantiated by incontrovertible proof. To victimize reality, as described in the commentary, a single would will need to conclude that a deliberate hard work was built to destroy, alter or obfuscate the factual proof that supports the real truth.
Right now, however, with so numerous citizens armed with the means and technologies to present many recordings of things to do in serious time, the likelihood of any person successfully victimizing truth of the matter looks slender. As oil rises to float on the area of water, the truth of the matter will sooner or later be identified. In the phrases of William Shakespeare which ended up verbalized in “The Merchant of Venice,” “the truth of the matter will out.”
The regular consumer of information, regardless of medium, ought to also be aware of the possibility of information suppression. This tactic occurs when individuals who command or control politically biased/inclined information media make your mind up to give no or really shorter shrift to newsworthy occasions that favor the get together they oppose though offering wall-to-wall publicity to gatherings that denigrate the opposition. There is no need to have to appear any more than the ongoing nightly televised hostilities amongst conservative and liberal news courses.
And while this televised war for dominance and acceptance between information programs is in progress, on a much larger scale our two political events are at odds about all of the extremely exact subject areas. Maybe the most accurate summation about opposing thoughts of the exact predicament appeared in the 1933 Marx Brothers motion picture “Duck Soup” – “Who ya gonna feel, me or your personal eyes?”
With Russia’s raising military services risk on Ukraine’s border, China’s increasing interest in Taiwan, North Korea’s renewed desire in missile launchings and Iran’s ever much more frightening nuclear advancements, probably the quite final issues the commentary’s author really should be involved about are QAnon, an American, considerably-right, political conspiracy that arrived to the public’s interest in 2017 and is based on untrue claims made by anonymous men and women, and Jake Angeli (real name Jacob Chansley), the unique recognized as the “QAnon shaman” who on Jan. 6, 2020 gained obtain into the Capitol creating, has not been discovered guilty of any violence or injury to any one or just about anything, and has been sentenced fairly harshly by our lawful procedure. These fringe factors of humanity pose no rapid risk to our existence.
So, if immutable and indestructible reality hasn’t taken the largest hit, who or what has? For the response, seem no additional than the nearest mirror. We should know that we obtain the specific form of governmental representation we choose to elect to community business office. And, as a consequence of our assortment method, we and, by extension, The usa are now suffering from and enduring the day by day wounds, both physical and psychological, that have resulted from our current election decisions. We, and by extension all of The united states, are the “biggest victims.”
We know this to be legitimate because victimization infers damage, destruction, injury or suffering, and no realistic American should issue irrespective of whether our state survived the earlier handful of a long time unscathed.
For proof over and above any doubt, mirror on the summer season of 2020’s anti-American demonstrations, revised heritage in the 1619 Task and important race idea classes, anti-police violence, criminal offense, mayhem and anarchic functions. Increase in sacred memorial and municipal building desecrations, biased academics for our youngsters, politicization and blended genders in faculty athletics, and the “sky’s the limit” shelling out procedures and then surprise how significantly extra Uncle Sam can have on his presently overloaded shoulders.
But hope springs eternal, and probably if sufficient patriotic People of both events can visualize the much more realistic “starting stage,” as explained in the commentary, to be a spectacular change in political incumbency when the upcoming election rolls around and vote accordingly, there just may well be a new day dawning for all People in america and the region we ought to all be so lucky and happy to simply call household.
S. Fox
Little Egg Harbor

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