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Why do angels fly? Very well, I suppose it is mainly because they have wings. I signify, besides for Clarence in “It’s a Fantastic Lifestyle.” He was earning his wings, if I don’t forget appropriately. Indeed, I guess there are angels going for walks about who have not gained their wings still – most likely you, or the fellow you met final Thursday going for walks his canine, the a single who looked up, and gave you the silent wave, the one that says, “I see you, and yes, this pandemic is hard. You are Okay, kid, and I am, way too. Wonderful to see you. Have a excellent working day!”
Waves like that seem to carry so considerably information, you know – in the system language, the speed of the walk, the tilt of the head. It’s the similar with bikers, the way they go you. Some whiz by like competition in the French what ever the race is identified as, the just one the place they journey for weeks up and down all those ridiculous mountains. The Tour de France, is it?
Very well, in some cases bikers on my avenue go by in this kind of a trance, you simply cannot visualize what they’re thinking, or no matter if they treatment you just elevated your suitable hand slightly to say excellent early morning. It is like that out there.
Sometimes I’m that way, also, so deep in assumed, or in some temper I hardly see in which I am, or who’s all around me. It does not imply anything at all, it is just how we are sometimes, racing together on some interior climb of the Alps, having a sharp curve into a steep descent, or shifting gears to minimize resistance so it’s feasible to ascend the next mountain.
No a single appreciates how exhausted your legs really feel, or the melt away in your correct thigh. It is a lonely planet out there definitely. No a person understands what is occurring with you, or even with on their own for that subject. 1 next you may possibly be all warn and all set to wave at a person, and in a different you are again in some Zen monastery you imagined you’d like to live in for the rest of your lifetime.
I love remaining a human getting, hanging out with all of you in this mad pandemic world. It’s just one hell of a secret how it’s all happening, or who will wave to whom, and when. I suppose it’s definitely just like all the things else – very best to just take what you get, and hand the relaxation off to God!
Sue Cummings of West Creek is the coordinator of the LBI Poets Studio and the Barnegat Poets Society. Each teams, in non-pandemic time, meet regular monthly in the local Ocean County Library branches. These times they meet up with monthly on Zoom, LBI on the first Thursday of each and every thirty day period, 1 to 3:30 p.m., and Barnegat on the 3rd Wednesday of just about every month, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Claims Cummings, “We haven’t skipped a single conference for the reason that of the pandemic, and are  going strong.” She can be arrived at at scummings187@comcast.web.

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