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Gail Travers
January 12, 2022

To the Editor:
A concept arrived in a Xmas card and I pretty much skipped it in the haste of examining and opening playing cards when having fun with lunch.
Lots of people producing playing cards incorporate family pics and lifetime happenings and want all excellent cheer. After sharing the privilege of attending the graduation of a granddaughter from university, his shoulder replacement and other everyday living events, the pursuing are thoughts from my wife’s 84-yr-old cousin.
“In this difficult time of our country’s background I locate it challenging not to comment on our cultural struggles. I enjoy this place, take into account myself a patriot and am quite grateful for the flexibility and possibilities it has furnished me. I believe that strongly in our Constitution our Founders still left us. I lament the attack on free speech and terminate culture. I look at myself an unbiased libertarian conservative, socially liberal, fiscally conservative and a potent believer in constrained federal government. I believe that in base up starting in our unique communities. The progressive movement to radically improve and tear down our history (with all of its flaws) is incredibly risky.
“As a Christian, I know this all resides in the fingers of our Creator. For now I feel it is our duty to retain God in our nationwide everyday living. We can not survive as cost-free individuals without integrity and the belief in our inalienable legal rights provided by our Creator.”
I was taken aback by his words and understood how they require to be shared with other people.
Richard Miller
Surf Town

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