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Gail Travers
September 09, 2020

To the Editor:
Relating to the area’s Trump boat parade this earlier weekend, stupidity is the mom of insecurity. The insecure usually really feel a require to belong to groups, gangs or clubs. Their panic creates this necessity to be regarded by others with similar contemplating. There is practically nothing much more fearful than thinking you’re on your own in your imagined system.
All the boats and trucks with their Trump 2020 flags frequently also fly the slim blue line, American flags displaying their support for the law enforcement. It is another indication that they are so fearful, they feel they need to have an armed, armored team to safeguard them.
It doesn’t bother me that Trump is president as considerably as in spite of his pretty much everyday atrocities, dividing and destroying this state, there is continue to this kind of a important variety who guidance him. Those consistent Republican cuts to schooling are operating like a attraction for them, and like Trump states, he “loves the uneducated.”
Chris Capp
Essential West, Fla.

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